13 Pilot Flight School Scholarship Options and How To Qualify

Aviation is a fascinating and enticing job. The area involves several interests and interesting challenges, with employment prospects spanning from piloting revolutionary aircraft to working in flight control. Naturally, you may encounter some financial difficulties along the road. However, this does not preclude you from obtaining a degree in flying. Scholarships can help you reduce the cost of flying as well as eliminate typical education fees like tuition and books. There are aviation scholarships available, some of which are listed here.

Scholarships can help prospective pilots and those seeking other aviation-related occupations reduce their out-of-pocket expenses. There is almost certainly a scholarship available for you, regardless of the sort of profession you want or how you intend to prepare for it.

Let us get into the details as follows:

13 Pilot Flight School Scholarship Options and How To Qualify

1. AAAE Native American Scholarship.

This scholarship is eligible for students that are registered in an aviation program and have native American graduate, undergraduate, and junior class students. Students should have received a grade of 3 or above to qualify for training at an aviation school. For further information, interested participants may visit the scholarship organization’s website. The administrator has advertised a scholarship of $1,500. The deadline for applications is also published online.

2. Air Line Pilots Association Scholarship

Medically retired, disabled people for a long duration and family members of deceased pilots are eligible for this scholarship. The entire financial value is $12,000, with $3,000 distributed to the beneficiary yearly for four years if a 3.0 GPA is sustained. Whereas the plan is meant to pick a student who will be a college freshman, qualified people who have already entered college may also apply. The individual must be engaged in a course of study leading to a bachelor’s degree.

3. Alaska Airmen Scholarships

This program supports the aviation industry to the core. It aims at developing an individual that aspires to become a qualified pilot. A maximum of ten thousand dollars is granted to eligible members of the scholarship. The scholarship opportunities are as varied as the aircraft industry itself. Enrollment letters from flying schools or recommendation letters from a CFI are required for high school students.

4. Austin McWhite Foundation Scholarship

The Austin McWhite Foundation’s mission is to assist eligible blacks in achieving their flying career aspirations. Eligible candidates must be college sophomores with a 2.5 GPA and be enrolled in an aviation program. Please visit the scholarship company’s site for additional information and to apply.

5. Becky Burrows Memorial Scholarship

This Scholarship Fund helps students who are rejoining the labor force, starting “second careers,” or want to better their skill set for their existing work by furthering their studies in that sector. Students have to choose courses of study that contribute to Pilot International’s objective of transforming societies through learning and volunteering in areas such as student development and performance, mental safety and health, or caring for needy families.

6. Bill Cowden Memorial Aviation Scholarship

A candidate with a current private pilot certificate is eligible for this award. He must have a desire to further his study in aviation. The candidate must also provide a CV and a letter of recommendation. This candidate is eligible for up to $1,500.

7. Calvin L. Carrithers

This scholarship aims to improve the aviation industry’s future to the core. The goal of this fellowship is to award $1,000 each year to four American students that are committed to publishing blogs about training flights, aviation, school, and their passion for aerospace weekly. The main eligibility requirement of the program is an applicant must be a U.S. citizen that has participated in a university aviation program.

8. CAP Cadet Flight Scholarships

Do you belong to the age group of 16 and have a medical certificate in the third class? If yes, you are eligible for CAP Cadet Flight Scholarships. Also, you are required to produce a student pilot certificate if one is valid. After selection, a student has to send copies of certificates.

9. Captain Jeff Kuss Aviation Scholarship

This aviation scholarship is meant for individuals who are current Colorado residents alone. Also, yet another eligibility is the age group of 16 to 25. The candidates must have obtained a grade of 3.0 GPA. Yet another eligibility requirement is that the candidate obtains FAA medical examination for flight training.

10. EAA Post-Secondary Scholarships

Are you a student pursuing post-secondary education in areas such as aircraft training, aircraft management, and powerplants? If so, you are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Also, students belonging to aeronautics engineering can apply. For more details, you can refer to the website of the firm.

11.LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Scholarship

Are you an applicant belonging to an age group between 16 and 23? Are you an eligible citizen of the U.S? Are you a permanent resident of the USA? If so, you are eligible for this scholarship. One more eligibility is that you will have to pass through a third-class medical certificate from FAA.

12.Marie Newton Sepia Grant

This scholarship provides monetary help to candidates belonging to graduate and doctorate pursuing areas. Else, she is currently working in the management and development of young people’s fields. Also, students working on the development of safety skills and health fitness are also eligible for this scholarship.

13. MBTA Educational Foundation Scholarships

This scholarship is eligible for students pursuing Maine universities or colleges. Also, students from construction and logistics working fields are eligible for the scholarship. Also, Engineering students are eligible for this program.

Final words

Are you looking for a scholarship to become a pilot? If such is the case, you can refer to and comprehend this article. The page assists you by outlining several scholarship programs accessible in the United States, as well as the qualifying requirements for applying. The specifics are very clear and well examined to achieve your goals. For comparison and comprehension, you can click the information and also go to the websites of the individual businesses. Indeed, the above details give you a bright future.

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