9 Best Flight Schools For Pilots In Florida

If you’ve been thinking about what career path to choose immediately after graduating high school, you should probably consider becoming a pilot. Statistics show that there’s an increasing demand for pilots as air transport continues to grow and become better. You need firm commitment and patience to become a better pilot. If you’re in the US and want the best flight schools for pilots, you should consider those in Florida. Florida is a great choice due to its great weather patterns, wide open spaces, plenty of airports, flat terrain, and numerous flight schools where you can choose one. There are many flight schools in Florida depending on your budget, expectations, and goals. Below are 9 best flight schools for pilots in Florida:

1. Embry Riddle University

This is among the best flight schools for pilots with aerospace education specialty in Florida. Embry Riddle University is located in Daytona Beach and was founded in 1926. The school has historically been among the leading in producing great pilots. You can enroll for aeronautical science to get instrument-rated aircraft and multi-engine certification. Every area of specialization is approved by FAA. Here, you’ll learn both class work and practical, mainly involving piloting Diamond DA42s and Cessna 172s. The theory part involves taking physics and calculus classes. Their average tuition fee is $36,868. If you want a great flight school with state-of-the-art facilities, Embry Riddle University is the best choice.

2. Florida Memorial University

This is a private flight school located in Miami. Over the years, the Florida Memorial University has been ranked in top positions in producing better pilots across the country. The school has state-of-the-art facilities, including Cessna 172 planes. The school is also located near Opa-Locka Airport, which makes it easier for students to get into practical sessions without wasting a lot of time. The Florida Memorial University provides many scholarships for young people to take aerospace programs every year. They’ve also created excellent partnerships with some leading airlines to make it easier for their pilot students to get internships to continue sharpening their flying skills. Their average tuition fee is $16,236.

3. Epic Flight Academy

The flight school is located in Smyrna Beach and is FAA approved. It’s a leading school for those interested in becoming airline pilots. They’ve got qualified trainers who’ve been in the industry for a long time and understand all aspects of the aviation industry. They offer financial assistance to the less privileged. Their programs run for up to two years, especially for students without experience. They also offer several endorsements, including ATP, PPL, CPL, and IR. Their tuition fees range from $33,000 to $67,000.

4. Lynn University

The flight school is located in Boca Raton and offers some of the best aeronautical programs. Lynn University is a leading flight school for young people who want to become excellent pilots. They also offer private pilot license certification for students who don’t want the BS. The best thing about this school is that it provides online learning for students with busy schedules or limited time to attend in-house classes. Their curriculum is well thought out and provides much-needed flexibility, which isn’t the case in many other flight schools. They’ve got both theory and practical classes for students to sharpen their flying skills. The average tuition fee is around $37,600.

5. Florida Flyers Flight Academy

Florida Flyers Flight Academy is located in St. Augustin. This school has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years due to its exceptional training in the aviation field. They’ve got qualified and experienced trainers who take students through the curriculum until completion. The flight school is EASA accredited and offers financial assistance to local students. They also offer endorsements in PPL, ATR, CPL Single & Multiple. Their tuition fee ranges from $36,663 to $43,200.

6. Polk State College

Polk State College is among the budget-friendly flight schools in Florida. The school is located in Winter Haven and offers two main flight programs, i.e., professional pilot science and aerospace science. Both specialties involve flying airplanes in the skies. Your choice will vary depending on your taste and preference. Within the programs, a student will also be required to attend 3 flight labs every week as part of the curriculum. The difference between the two flight programs offered by Polk State College is that aerospace science takes 120 credit hours, whereas professional pilot sciences take 64 credit hours for completion. Their tuition fee ranges from $8,000 to $84,200.

7. Paragon Flight Academy

This is another great FAA accredited flight school located in Fort Myers. The school offers various pilot education options ranging from ATPs to PPLs. They also offer various endorsements, including MEI, IR, CFI, Multi-Engine, CFII, and ATP. The tuition fee is usually determined by the school after an evaluation.

8. Jacksonville University

This is another best flight school that has been in existence for almost four decades. Jacksonville University is located in Jacksonville and has continued to train and produce excellent pilots. This has been made easy and possible through their partnership with L3 Airline Academy, which is fully equipped with all the required training facilities. This school offers students a variety of specializations to choose from, ranging from flight operations to management. They provide distinct tracks and have an excellent pilot track that helps train pilots. Their average tuition fee is $38,140.

9. Kingsky Flight Academy

This is a huge aviation hub located in Lakeland. The Kingsky Flight Academy is owned by 2 airline captains who’ve been in the industry for quite a while now. Their main role is to ensure all aspects required in operation are well established to ensure students get better flight training. The flight school also offers financial assistance to the less privileged through scholarships and special aviation programs. They offer endorsements in the following CFI multi-engine, PPL, Commercial pilot, Instrument Rating, and Multi-engine add-on. Their tuition fee ranges from $8,060 to $24,030, depending on the program the student selects.

In conclusion, these are the best flight schools for pilots in Florida. You can choose one and enroll for a program that suits your needs.

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